A new business-opportunity demands you supplement your team?

Are any of your team members under-utilized?

  • Own team capacity temporarily not sufficient
  • Not enough recruitment capacity
  • Cost and motivation related challenges of own team members
  • No competence to run a desired project
  • Staff shortage that may come from layoffs or people leaving the company
  • Team members are under-utilized
  • Business going through a slow period
  • Not wanting to layoff team members
  • Seasonal talent fluctuation
  • Seasonal activity fluctuation Benefits
  • Upscale or downscale human resources anytime
  • Access to proven talent and skills
  • Reduction of specialists migration
  • Decreased staffing costs
  • Cost optimization
  • Renting existing staff on a temporary basis
  • Adapting to business conditions
  • Stability of service
  • Quality
  • Long term partnerships
  • Low impact
  • Reduced bureaucracy and no time consuming paperwork
About is a digital platform that has the purpose of facilitating contracts between companies in need of human resources and companies that can offer them. The main goal of is matching as many companies as possible in order to enhance their productivity, to help them achieve their business goals, to help them maximize their revenue, respectively to offer specialists inside companies the opportunity to take on challenging new projects. is best used by Team Managers, no matter their specialty, in order to fill in very accurate information on the department’s needs and to define the profile of the project in the best possible way, but will also deliver results if it is used by the HR Manager for the entire Company.

Main Advantages
Reduction of specialist migration
Companies will no longer pitch specialists from other business in order to draw them inside one-time-only projects, therefore the human resource for both will become more reliable and stable.
Time & lack of bureaucracy
The simplicity of contracting a team of specialists on well-defined periods of time and for specific projects leaves out the need for complex recruitment and necessity of building teams from scratch.
Long term partnerships
Companies will be able to develop long term relationships based on trust and honest evaluation with each other, in order to maximize their capabilities and portfolio of projects.
Decreased staffing costs.
Staff members require health insurance, retirement plans, training time and cost, different benefits and other costs. With Companies will reduce their costs and the time spent recruiting.
All in one
Companies no longer need to assign teams to gather other teams. The administration of the account can be done by one single employee and the procedures are easy and take place in real time
Each company will have an assigned account manager to support it so it can achieve its goals in due time.them throughout the entire searching, recruiting, contracting, payment and reviewing processes.
How it works
Sign up
The first thing every user must do is create an account and a company profile.
Add project / resources
Requesters must add a project and needed roles. Suppliers must list the resources they own
Request contact / apply for role
The Requester can ask for contact details for the Suppliers he chooses after pre-matching. Suppliers can apply to open roles.
After matching, the Requester and the Supplier must sign the contract and agree on payment.
The payments are made, according to the contract, under the supervision of the Account Manager.
Once the contract is closed, both Requester and Supplier will rate each other.
Matching process

The Requester lists the needed roles
Once the project is set up, the Requester will fill in all the roles needed for the project. The Requester has to be very accurate about the needed skills, the time frame dedicated for the role, the budget for the role, the experience needed for the role and the preferred background of the specialist that can fill in the role.

Submitting roles and entering pre-match
Once the roles are set, the platform automatically starts searching in the Suppliers database for specialists that fit the requirements and returns the results.

Contact request
The Requester can evaluate the Suppliers pre-matches and decide if he wants to proceed with matching. If so, he will request contact and he will be offered the Supplier’s contact info. If the Requester doesn’t want to proceed with any of the pre-matches, he can keep browsing or wait for the Suppliers to apply for the roles he submitted.

The Account Manager
Once the roles are submitted, the Account Manager is notified. If the Requester asked for the Supplier’s contact details, the Account Manager will guide the two through the process and oversee the contract. If the Requester chooses to keep browsing the Account Manager will assist and guide him into achieving his goal.



Business Development fee: 2.5% from monthly Turnover
generated from Platform matchmaking